Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to use a shop selected by my insurance company?

No, you may have the shop of your choice to make the repairs. You are not required to use a shop selected by an insurance company. However, you are required by your policy to allow the insurance company a reasonable amount of time to inspect the vehicle prior to having any repairs made.

Am I required to get more than one estimate?

No, the law does not require you to get more than one estimate.

Am I entitled to OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts?

As an insured you are entitled to OEM parts based on the age of your vehicle.  You are entitled to request original sheet metal parts if it is a current model year or within 5 additional years old, per Indiana state law.

As a claimant, the law does not apply to you.  You would need to check with the insurance company you are working with.

Who can authorize repairs?

Only you, the owner, can authorize the shop to make repairs on your vehicle.

When do I pay for repairs?

You will be required to pay for the repairs upon completion. To avoid delays, it will be up to you to secure payment from the insurance company along with any necessary endorsements from lien holders.

How much is an all over paint job?

As a rule, we do not do all over paint jobs. If our schedule permits, a paint job would run a minimum of $7000 and take about 4-6 weeks in the shop.

Am I entitled to a rental car?

As a claimant, you are entitled to a rental vehicle.  The adjuster handling your claim will arrange one for you.

As an insured, you need to carry rental coverage on your policy.

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